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A nerd dos olhos verdes

A nerd dos olhos verdes

Dom | 04.08.19

The window #2


‘There is a man walking the empty street’

‘What a travesty, we should call the police and have him arrested’

‘Stop being so sarcastic; Funny how adults work right? He does not seem happy, but at the same time it looks like he really doesn’t care about his sadness. He hasn’t done anything about it’

‘That’s what they do, all their lives. They hide everything during the day and suffer during the night, when no one can hear or see them’

‘But that is pointless… what is that in his hand?’

‘Margaret you might want to look away’

‘Why would I want to...?’



‘I guess he did do something about it’

‘Why would he do that? Simply because he wanted to? What about his family?’

‘I don’t know. Margaret promise me you won’t even think in doing that’



‘I have thought about it, I’m sorry’


‘Multiple times’

‘I cannot believe this…’

‘I know… But I could never do it you know? I’m too afraid of it coming’



‘It’s normal to fear it, but it is going to happen’

‘I know, when we are old’

‘Sometimes sooner’

‘Depends on the person if you have been good, it does not happen to you’

‘I am not sure, that’s how it works’

‘Of course it is, they told me’


‘My friends, they all died because of bad things they did’

‘The kids who started the fire?’

‘Yeah. Everyone that has done nice things is not dead’

‘I wouldn’t believe that’

‘She is with the stars now, all of them are going to have a nice meal, a new year’s feast!’

‘Sure…They will have a nice meal’

‘It’s kind of lonely and dark outside’

‘You basically just described the inside Margaret, are you feeling cold?’

‘A little bit, yes’

‘Maybe we should stop looking outside and lay on the bed’

‘It’s not nicer there, it’s cold as well’

‘You are right, it’s almost New Year now’

‘I’m going to do so much this year. I will pray more for my parents, I bet it is a bit lonely up there. With so many people, you feel a bit lost there.’

‘I guess so… but you always had a little talent for standing out’

‘Because I am nice, and I do nice things of course!’

‘Margaret, I think you should really wake up and realize what is around you…’

‘You are supposed to protect me too, from all that’s bad around me…’

‘I know but you need to see you need to realize Margaret, we don’t have long, I want you to know, before New Years’

‘I don’t want to… I love this view’


‘…Sophie. My name is Sophie. My father has murdered my mother, molested me and jumped off a bridge to cleanse his sins.

My brother has locked me in a basement and kept me starving for days in his house, before claiming that I was critically mentally ill and thrown me in an Insane Asylum.They tortured me and shocked me. I feel completely empty looking at these cold white walls. I lost my kitty because the doctors didn’t let him in so instead they put him in a bag and… drowned him in front of me… I tried to help him… I did… but they grabbed me…’


‘I really loved this chat with you, the view from the window is immensely big, even without binoculars but I do wish we had them so we could see really far.’

‘It’s getting really late, you need to go to sleep’

‘Yes, we should, but it is such a pity to just leave, I am so comfortable here, and in the best company, but I understand it all now. Happy New year’

‘Happy New Year. I’m sorry for everything, I tried, but I couldn’t protect you enough’

‘You made me realize who I was, before I lost myself completely. I do wish I could be Margaret, She got a doll castle for Christmas, and she must have been really good all year’

‘You have been good all year Sophie, you have been the best’

‘Not enough’

‘You have been. It’s just…’

‘Don’t worry, the good ones never die’

‘Goodnight, little Sophie. I love you very much. It’s going to be okay, just close your eyes, I’m here’

‘Goodnight kitty, see you in the stars’

Bom maltinha, conclui assim esta história, se gostaram e querem mais por favor digam, tenho muitas mais :D

- Signing out :3 

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