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A nerd dos olhos verdes

A nerd dos olhos verdes

Dom | 28.07.19

The window #1


‘I wonder if you could count all the oranges on that tree’


‘They are building a new glasses chop down that street’

‘Margaret you are not making sense’

‘Or maybe we could even count how many cars go by that road’

‘What are you talking about that is so far away’

‘You are right, we only know they are cars because of the beautiful lights they have, two to be precise, at the front, like they were stars do you think we could talk to stars? Ask them how is the view from up there? What they see? Or even if it’s chilly up there’

‘You are crazy’

‘I have always wondered when peter pan was going to show up to take me away from my family’

‘Peter Pan does not exist’

‘You don’t know that, do you have proof he does not exist? He shows up in the night and doesn’t make noise does he?’

‘I suppose not, but why would you think that Margaret? That is not nice’

‘They wouldn’t miss me they would just be too busy yelling at each other, but funny enough I do miss them now…’

‘I bet you do…’

‘Look! Fireworks!’

‘I hate them’

‘You only hate them because you are scared of them’

‘No I’m not! I’m fierce! Just like I am supposed to be!’

‘Of course you are, keep telling yourself that, mister’

‘Stop making fun of me!’

‘I am not making fun of you, I am simply pointing out a fact, besides I protect you remember’

‘You can´t even protect yourself Margaret, have you looked around and seen where you are?’

‘Why would I look around? The view is absolutely gorgeous from this window, I wish to never stop looking at it’

‘If you keep like that you just might go insane, but then again you wouldn’t have to go far’

‘You are not being nice’

‘Just simply pointing out a fact’

‘…What would be a problem to go mad? It should be quite fun don’t you think?’

‘That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard’

‘Think about it! You would be shielded from this world of horrors, in your mind everything would be all jolly and not get caught by the monsters’

‘Margaret that’s not really how being mad works’

‘Of course it is, are you a doctor to prove that theory?’

‘No, but I’m not being dumb, I am being logical’

‘I’m not dumb…okay maybe just a little bit’

‘Perhaps in your age is fair to be like that, you are not mature enough to be smart’

‘You don’t have to be mature enough to be smart, you are smart in your own way.

‘Now you are going the distance’

‘I’m being imaginative it’s totally normal to be so and creative. That’s what I like to tell myself, that this is all just a big fantasy world I am part of, and the other is simply a cold and harsh reality’

‘From where I’m standing I believe it’s the exact opposite’

‘Don’t be silly! Just look through that window! We just see nature and lights, the buildings don’t count. Do you really think the harsh reality is as beautiful as this? Every dot of light is only a step closer to warmth. Reality does not have light’

‘Like that bothers you, Margaret’

‘Well indeed I have learnt to like the dark. But loving the contrast of the lights, the dark of the night and choosing to keep the lights off in the room is not a crime’
‘It’s not. But it’s not like you have a choice’

To be continued... 

- Signing out :3