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A nerd dos olhos verdes

A nerd dos olhos verdes

Dom | 11.08.19

Aventuras no metro: A rapariga da mochila


Hey you, 

Antes de passar logo para a história precisa de contexto, quando ia para a faculdade adorava observar as pessoas no metro e criar histórias por detrás das aparencias deles, histórias de fantasia, histórias como criava para mim para fugir de certas coisas.. estas é apenas uma de algumas que fiz, espero que gostem :D



During my first semester of college I had to catch the subway on a certain time and as a creature of habits I am I always went on the same part of the station to enter the same door every time, and there was always this little girl who went on the same carriage as me, she was so little yet her backpack was so big, kind of shows us what work “our children” get at just a young age, either way she was so interesting because she was the “stay away from strangers” kind of girl, she picked the seat she thought was perfect but, as soon as someone sat next to her she waited for the perfect time to move to another seat where she could be away from anyone.

We could imagine, that she has something very valuable in her backpack and her purpose is to protect it so she can take it to the rightful owner, or comparing it to a more nerd world, she could even be a hobbit trying to take the ring to Mordor to destroy it.

In a way I guess we all should be like that little girl in either protecting something valuable of ours or keeping away from other people that seem dangerous.

Good job little girl

- Signing out :3


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